Building the Rulo Rail Bridge: 1886-1887 – Historic American Engineering Record – Library of Congress

On May 1, 1890 in Chicago, George S. Morison, civil engineer, submitted to Charles E. Perkins, the President of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad a report in which he wrote: “I submit the following final report in relation to the construction of the bridge across the Missouri River at Rulo, Nebraska … George S. Morison, civil engineer, to the “United Engineering Society, New York”.

The building of the bridge with George S. Morrison as chief engineer began in the Summer of 1886 with the bridge completed after the Summer of 1887. The bridge trusses were built in England and assembled over the Missouri River connecting Rulo, Nebraska to Holt County, Missouri. This video contains a series of photographs taken during the construction submitted to the Library of Congress – Historic American Engineering Record – by John R. Morison.

Building the Rulo Rail Bridge – Library of Congress Images

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