Nebraska State Capitol Building – Lincoln – Virtual Tour

There is a wonderful opportunity to take a Virtual Tour of the Nebraska State Capitol building in Lincoln. If you haven’t seen the capitol building since your elementary school trip days then you might enjoy the virtual tour! How many of us rode on a bouncy school bus to do the Capitol tour!? *Especially notable is the additional curriculum that goes along with the tour for educators and online learning. (See the “scholar” icon).

Click the link below to be taken to the start of the tour page. Click the left side for “Capitol Tour”.

NAVIGATION KEY: Be sure to read the Navigation key on the starting page. Click on an icon to learn more about what you are looking at. Each icon will tell you something different. Click the buttons on the red lower bar to see each side of the building.

Virtual Tour Navigation Key – click “icons” and “buttons”.

MOVEMENT: Click on icons to read more, click on green arrows to move forward. Then use your cursor to move your view up, down and around. Be sure to look at the floor view!

Click on all of the icons to view more, use your cursor to turn your view, up, down and around. Click on the green arrows to move forward. Click the buttons on the red bar to see optional views.
Floor Mosaic

If you want to study the history of the Capitol building further you’ll be pleased to know that the book, Lee Lawrie’s Prairie Deco: History in Stone at the Nebraska State Capitol by Gregory Paul Harm (4th edition) is now available in Kindle edition. Just click the image below to view more.

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