Lincoln Highway: The invention of the Road-Trip

The Lincoln Highway was the road that came before our Nebraska Interstate 80. It was the first official interstate and Transcontinental road across the United States. Today we recognize a similar route to this road as Interstate 80 which was completed across Nebraska in 1974. This newer Interstate 80 road covers over 450 miles of distance from East to West across Nebraska covering the most distance of the Interstate which travels from New York to California; 12 states in total. Photo: A Lincoln Highway marker at Duncan, Nebraska – 2010 – by Ammodramus – Creative Commons.

Photo: Nebraska Historic Highway Survey – 2002

The Lincoln Highway Historical Byway web site has a lot of great history and photos:

To download the Nebraska Lincoln Highway Historic Byway Guide from Lincoln Highway Nebraska Byway click here:

In 1915, Effie Price Gladding wrote the book “Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway” which you can preview here below. To go to a searchable, printable, downloadable version of the book click the link at the bottom of the preview. This book can also be accessed for free on Amazon Kindle – see the link under “Books” at the end of this post.

In 2002 the Nebraska Historic Highway Survey was completed in cooperation of the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraska Department of Roads. This document can be previewed here below. A searchable, printable, downloadable version can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of the preview.

Other resources:
The Lincoln Highway Association
The Lincoln Highway – wikipedia
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Books: (Click the image to view in Amazon – some are available for Kindle)

Finally, this video is a great history of the Lincoln Highway from its inception.
“100 Years on the Lincoln Highway – Wyoming PBS – 2017″ – This video is about 57 minutes long.



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