Old School: The History of Cotner College – Lincoln

Cotner College existed in the Bethany Heights suburb of Lincoln from 1890 – 1933. The original land (about 300 acres) for the school was offered for free by local business owners hoping to bring in a population of residents thereby increasing value in adjoining land in Bethany Heights.

Cotner College was one of the first to offer medical and dental education to students. Bethany Heights was annexed by the city of Lincoln in 1926. At the closure of the college in 1933, the medical and dental programs were retained by the University of Nebraska providing solid foundations for those University Departments. The early history of Cotner College including its predecessors, Fairfield College and Nebraska Christian University as well as Christian Church history in Falls City and other towns can be found in the following book:

“History of Cotner University including the Early Religious and Educational Movement of the Christian Church in Nebraska” by Leon Moomaw – 1916



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