National Register of Historic Places: Researching Historic Properties Bulletin – 1991

Photo: Kehlbeck Farmstead – Cass County – National Register of Historic Places – Ammodramus Photo – 2012 – Creative Commons (featured in the Bulletin)

The U. S. Department of the Interior and National Park Service in conjunction with the National Register of Historic Places published this Bulletin in 1991 for people researching historic places and buildings for applications to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is great starting point if you are doing any kind of research for this purpose.

You can view and download the bulletin for free here below as PDF file (16 pages) or other formats.


Sunken Gardens – Lincoln

The history of the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln is a bit unique. It began as a Lincoln trash dump and the citizens of Lincoln worked to turn it into a beautiful garden oasis in 1930.


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