“Nebraska City: The Most Beautiful City of Nebraska; as it is today in story and pictures” – 1906

“Nebraska City: The Most Beautiful City of Nebraska: as it is today in story and pictures” was published in 1906 by the Morton Printing Company in Nebraska City.

Civil War: Roster of Nebraska Volunteers – 1888

In 1888, The Office of the Nebraska Adjunct General of the State (Edgar. S. Dudley) published the following book “Roster of Nebraska Volunteers” from 1861 – 1869″.

Old School: The History of Cotner College – Lincoln

Cotner College existed in the Bethany Heights suburb of Lincoln from 1890 – 1933. The original land (about 300 acres) for the school was offered for free by local business owners hoping to bring in a population of residents thereby increasing value in adjoining land in Bethany Heights.

Nichols Park Bandstand – Beatrice – 105 Years Old – A Timeline History

Bandstands; the importance of the community bandstand is lost on most of us as modern living people of 2021 but the community bandstand was an icon of progress for Southeast Nebraska communities at the turn of the 20th Century.

Sonderegger German Nursery Catalogs – Fairbury & Beatrice

This gallery contains catalog images from Garden & Seed catalogs of the Sonderegger German Nurseries of Fairbury and Beatrice from 1895 – 1940.

Lincoln Highway: The invention of the Road-Trip

The Lincoln Highway was the road that came before our Nebraska Interstate 80. It was the first official road across the United States. Today we recognize a similar route to this road as Interstate 80. Interstate 80 was completed across Nebraska in 1974.

Yesterday & Today: Southeast Nebraska Courthouses

Explore the historic Courthouses of Southeast Nebraska!

Nebraska State Capitol Building – Lincoln – Virtual Tour

There is a wonderful opportunity to take a Virtual Tour of the Nebraska State Capitol building in Lincoln. If you haven’t seen the capitol building since your elementary school trip days then you might enjoy the virtual tour!