“Nebraska City: The Most Beautiful City of Nebraska; as it is today in story and pictures” – 1906

“Nebraska City: The Most Beautiful City of Nebraska: as it is today in story and pictures” was published in 1906 by the Morton Printing Company in Nebraska City.

Gage County: Portrait and Biographical Album – 1888

Portrait and Biographical Album of Gage County, Nebraska: containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the County by Chapman Brothers (Chicago, Ill.) – 1888.

Old School: The History of Cotner College – Lincoln

Cotner College existed in the Bethany Heights suburb of Lincoln from 1890 – 1933. The original land (about 300 acres) for the school was offered for free by local business owners hoping to bring in a population of residents thereby increasing value in adjoining land in Bethany Heights.

The Seed of Division: The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was the seed of division over the subject of slavery in the United States. Congress began to wrestle with the laws of slavery in newly opened territories with Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska caught in the middle.

“Frontier Settlement and Community Development in Richardson, Burt and Platte Counties – 1854 – 1870” by Nicholas Joseph Aieta

This paper includes the history of three early Nebraska settlement counties; Richardson, Burt and Platte. What is interesting about this research is where the settlers came from.

Union Pacific Railroad: The Great National Highway – 1867

If you like early Nebraska Territory history or early railroad history you will love this little booklet from the Union Pacific Railroad from 1867.