Palmer-Epard Cabin – Homestead National Historic Park

The Palmer-Epard Cabin was built by George W. Palmer in 1867. It was moved to the Homestead National Monument in 1950.

The Seed of Division: The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854

The Kansas-Nebraska Act was the seed of division over the subject of slavery in the United States. Congress began to wrestle with the laws of slavery in newly opened territories with Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska caught in the middle.

“Frontier Settlement and Community Development in Richardson, Burt and Platte Counties – 1854 – 1870” by Nicholas Joseph Aieta

This paper includes the history of three early Nebraska settlement counties; Richardson, Burt and Platte. What is interesting about this research is where the settlers came from.

160 Acres of Hope and Hardship: Homestead Act of 1862

The Homestead Act of 1862 has been called one of the most important pieces of Legislation in the history of the United States. Signed into law in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln after the secession of southern states, this Act turned over vast amounts of the public domain to private citizens.

Pony Express: 400 Horses, 80 Men and 18 Fast and Furious Months on the Western Frontier

The Pony Express operated from St. Joseph, Missouri through the edge of Southeast Nebraska at Rock Creek Station followed the Platte River though the rest of Nebraska and ended at Sacramento, California.

Union Pacific Railroad: The Great National Highway – 1867

If you like early Nebraska Territory history or early railroad history you will love this little booklet from the Union Pacific Railroad from 1867.